sexta-feira, maio 19, 2017

3 reasons why Reality can become a luxury product for a niche market

Android Go is preparing to tap into the rural areas with limited internet connection (check the new Youtube Go). "There are 2 billion Android devices currently in use around the world. Google is now thinking about the next 2 billion devices."

1) So far we can put our devices down for enough time to engage face-to-face. We get bundles of Google, Microsoft, Apple innovation yearly and that seems just fine. But what when we depend on our smart devices and other AI to perform even the most basic tasks, like opening our front doors or cook a meal for instance?

2) One thing seems certain: along with a more rigged worlds, this mediation is creating a different and roughly distorted set of values associated with limited forms of expression (likes, stars, hearts, emojis and all types of ratings).

"A Chinese tech firm has showed off a wall of cell-phones liking social media posts (Chinese messenger 'WeChat) in a non-stop mode, boosting the popularity of certain accounts and apparently sparing the company’s few employees some sore thumbs."

3) These signs must be, by its own definition, understood by bots. They are, at least for now, oversimplified representations of all types of human emotions/reasonings. They are co-written by computers and we can, to some degree, see through them (or maybe not).

It may seem we are always getting our images overimposed with no data or with all the available data... augmented, mixed, edited, or completely virtual but always honestly there. However in many cases our own data is hidden from us, and as we are categorised, stereotyped, filtered we are left with less space for spontaneous actions or freedom of choice.
Non-Mediated interaction can bring more time and freedom, but it can become a sign of social division (or rather a cause of social division*): the ones who can afford to live disconnected will naturally detach from and the ones who must tap into their homes, jobs, paychecks, trips, meals... Non-Mediated life will probably appear as a niche luxury product than only an elite can access for a long period of time. A luxury product that doesn't get prompted to us in auto-respond button.
Take care...

PS1: Clickbait much? This used to have a normal title and didn't have a list of things but I decided to make the test so see if this actually works. Beware.


* Thanks for the heads up Paulo Querido

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